1981-3 Malvern Star Catalogue?

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1981-3 Malvern Star Catalogue?

Postby CurbsideCowboy » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:34 pm

Hey Guys,
I'm new to the digs here and thought I'd start off by sharing my passion for old school bmx. I know, I know - this isn't really the usual kind of thing you see around here and can most probably expect a few jokes at my expense. Pretty much the OS bmx scene is just about what you guys do with your restos but with kids bikes that cost twice as much to restore. I'm also a bit of a Malvern Star nut in general and also love me a good long frame Dragster. I'm partial to a nicely done 5 star frame too, etc. etc.

So. I've got a question for any fellow MS freaks out there, does anyone happen to have a spare 1981-3 Malvern Star catalogue that they'd part with for whatever reason. See, I just completed my first resto, or build (which is probably more accurate seeing the bike is 100% NOS parts) - and would very much like an original catalogue to display with the bike and they just so happen to have the BMX range too!

Anyway, here she is whether you gear heads appreciate it or not! :twisted:

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