Healing up for grabs

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Healing up for grabs

Postby Stepr » Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:35 pm

For anyone interested - at least maybe Canberra based. at the Mitchel tip shop (tinys green shed) a Gents Healing for sale with the inside "good" bikes. Not sure how old - has the oiler on the bottom bracket with horizontal drop outs, paint is there but a bit worn. Must of had a make over in its life as it has a 5 or 6 speed set up on it and possibly new wheels. Not a lightweight but Nice healing head lugs, look like the swept forward type track bars. Nick - in the office there never seems to entertain bartering over the price. he was asking $70 for it. You might get it cheaper if it sits there a few days....

ONly one problem is that the bike has sustained a head on crash at some point. Crash damage is not immediately noticeable as forks are ok but there is some minor? down tube damage in the usual place. None- the less, a Healing, first one in the wild for sale that I have seen, unfortunately a bit damaged if it was a bit cheaper I might have bought it.

Thought someone else may be interested.


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