Jones Allsop Beam Bike

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Jones Allsop Beam Bike

Postby WyvernRH » Sun Aug 17, 2008 7:01 pm

At the group meeting last week Karen mentioned that it she would like to see what my Allsop bike looked like compared to the one she was given. Well here it is....

I got it as frame/fork set off E-Bay so the forks are not my fault ok? It was built for 650 wheels which are difficult to find rims/tyres so I decided to find some narrow 26"MTB size wheels. Well it just happened that someone was selling off the red Velocity rims cheap on E-bay and so I built a set up using them with Shwalbe 1" tyres. It just added to the lairy look of the bike :D
The rest was assembled it with what was laying around the shed (note the granny gear). It is 'interesting' to ride but handles nicely. It had odd frame dimensions, you sit right forward so I think it is meant as a tri-athate's bike and should have aero-bars but I refuse to make that much of a tit of myself on the road, the forks are enough!
I ride it to work occasionally when I think I won't be seen by too many other cyclists and mocked for being a fat old wannabe :D



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