Huffy Solstice mountain bike,

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Huffy Solstice mountain bike,

Postby Brunka » Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:36 pm

Hi All ,
Bought one of these new in 2001 from Kmart in Castle Hill Sydney, been under cover most of time & was like new. I have just about finished converting to a road bike, road slicks, 1 X 48 T alloy chainwheel & crank set, new rear cluster, new rear mech, new rear vee brake , new flat road bars, ergo grips . Rapid fire shifter to rear 7 speed cluster & replaced the front disc rotor, the original aluminium 2.8 thick one had the electro deposited ferrous counting cracking & lifting off the rotor faces, I have a mate has an engineering shop specialising in stainless fabrication etc. He has a 2D CNC water jet cutter & supplied the 316 stainless & cut it for nothing , I supplied him with DFX file for the CNC on his water jet cutter,
This disc rotor is HUGE, makes other disc rotors look like wimpy little things, Is 3 mm thick X 230 mm in diameter, not one for weight weenies ! , it has mechanical caliper by TOP 1,
Cannot seem to find ANY info on this model Huffy or spares etc, apart from disc pads I am a 74 yr old retired TAFE Teacher of Toolmaking with an engineering history of about 55 yrs including working on & actually building my own bikes , fitting & brazing new dropouts etc on my lightweight road racers
Recovering from fairly severe lymphoma spinal cancer with radiation & chemo for over 2 1/2 yrs, if U are wondering why some idiot would do a really spiffy job converting a Huffy, generally regarded a crap, the alloy frame on mine & big rear swing arm mono shock suspension seems well made it going to be used on generally flat cycleways as a exercise bike to try to got a bit more strength back over the next 12 months,
Does anybody have any information on this bike, would appreciate any Info. !
Regards, Brunka.

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Re: Huffy Solstice mountain bike,

Postby lunar_c » Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:53 am

Not sure if I can contribute any information on the bike or components but hey a big thumbs up for some solid engineering work and thinking outside the box!

All the best with your continued recovery.

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