My Bikes - Re-Posting a few photos.

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Re: My Bikes - Re-Posting a few photos.

Postby GaryF » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:05 pm

Marbevoc wrote:Hi,

I live in Belgium and have exactly the same bike, though in a poor condition, i'm planning to restore it.
The bikes are Colnago Super from 1991 and were used by the Belgian Team 'Collstrop - Isoglass'.
As you have described it, it seemed to be completely original with the Suntour group.



Thanks Alex, your information is really welcome.

I guess you are referring to this bike:


When I came across it, it was equipped with a full Suntour Superbe Pro groupset. I replaced the groupset with a Campagnolo groupset to match my other Colnago's even though I highly respect the Suntour equipment. I fitted the Suntour gruppo to a good old Pinarello that is more of a daily rider.

My Colnago is in poor condition too. Perhaps the Collstrop - Isoglass team entered too many torturous races that left their bikes quite battle scared - haha.

I'd love to see a photograph of your bike. Thanks for sharing your information, it really made my day much better.


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