Intro, and what's this?

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Intro, and what's this?

Postby RTW » Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:17 pm

I am new to push bike restoration, I have restored a few vintage motorbikes and now looking at doing a few push bikes. over the last few months I have acquired a few. I have two Lewis Argent, and three others I have no idea what they are. any help identifying this one for starters would be appreciated.

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Re: Intro, and what's this?

Postby GaryF » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:34 pm

I can't identify this bike but others might. Quite often, when the decals have disappeared it is just about impossible to identify the bike. With a bit of luck a particular lug treatment, serial number, stamping, etc. can help. Sometimes stripping the bike down could reveal other markings, etc.

It's pretty well complete which is a real plus. If it was mine, I would just give it a really good clean and grease. i wouldn't worry about missing paint or rust but I would clean it up and retard the rust. Perhaps try to replace some missing bits and pieces or really worn items like the saddle if it's 'stuffed'. Sorting out the brakes will be nice to do too. This type of bike just cleaned up and sorted mechanically will be a lovely ride and draw a lot of attention.

The mudguards and grips look to be in good condition which is a bonus. I'd leave them on - or put them back on after a stripdown and clean. I must confess to hating bells but yours looks original(ish). Personally I'd get rid of it but it might leave a mark or that 'something's missing' ring on the bars so, in that case, I would leave it there.

I like the position of lots of the components like the brake cables (old style) but I would sort out the orientation of the handlebar. Hopefully you can set it up to your riding position. Back then the seat tube was a bit longer that what you would find on an 80's bike for example.

I think it's a fantastic bike, especially to get you into bike restoration. There are a lot of really knowledgable people contributing to this forum.

Best of luck and I think coming from a motorbike restoration background will be very valuable.

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