WTS - Brisbane - handbuilt 70cm Avocet frame and fork

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Re: WTS - Brisbane - handbuilt 70cm Avocet frame and fork

Postby Zynster » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:10 am

$520 is way too much. Also, while Bicycle Rev are a good source of parts, they don't have a great rep on mechanicals.

I've been quoted $240 from another bike store for a build using supplied parts. I decided that I was better off spending that money on some tools and a stand so I could do it myself.

Also that frame doesn't look too bad. Does it need a paint? Or did you just want a different colour?
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Re: WTS - Brisbane - handbuilt 70cm Avocet frame and fork

Postby munga » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:21 pm

buy a toolkit, get some bmx levers, some mtb shifters, some grips for your mtb handlebars, and move over everything else from your shogun samurai. you might need to wait/search for a 26.8mm seatpost.
I reckon you could DIY into a decent flatbar commuter for $250 or less. i could certainly do it for less, but i would rattle-can the frame, buy a donor mtb, and use the power of the interwebs to ask someone with tools to help me over some beers and sausages on a saturday.
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