SOLD-(Bris) BOX TRAILER with hardware to carry 5 bikes

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SOLD-(Bris) BOX TRAILER with hardware to carry 5 bikes

Postby elantra » Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:08 am

5 foot x 7 foot box trailer, steel, with dolly wheel, lights and spare wheel, tailgate. illustrated here with 2 bikes in situ. Very sturdy and suitable for any general load but has fixtures for secure transport of 5 bicycles.
Hardware for bicycle carrying removes in a few minutes with spanner, leaving tray clear

Bicycle carriage is by 5 Thule front-fork clamps (front wheels of course to be removed)
2 bikes forward-facing and 3 bikes rear-facing.
Secure transport of course requires that the rear wheel be secured with elastic straps (or i use some old toe-clip straps)
Has been used to transport 5 bikes twice on long road trips at highway speeds. And also lesser journeys.

suitable for road or MTB bikes. Not so good for tandem- would require a little modification
Trailer has 1 relatively new tyre and 1 older tyre + spare.
Standard Towball connector with safety chain

Asking 500 dollars including all Thule hardware. Happy to answer any questions
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