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WTB - Melbourne - Road Bike

Postby Silhouette » Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:16 am

I'm a newbie rider...I started riding the road this year with a 'loaner' from a friend, but had to give it back(!). I did enjoy the experience and was even finding less people were passing me as my fitness and riding level got better. So with winter now nearly behind us (it appears I may be be a fair weather rider) I have decided to start riding again and I need to get my own bike.

My personal specs are 100KG (surprisingly not all of it is muscle), late 40s with a youthful outlook on life (but we all say that when we get this old), all my own hair (but not all in original condition) and 6ft 1" (but I may start shrinking as I get older). I pretty much keep to Beach Rd but have thought that the Round the Bay next year could be fun so may want something that could get that job done too (or to the nearest vineyard...whichever comes first)

Thought I would check out what I might be able to get here before I buy brand new - want the most bang for the buck under $2K - as I said I am a newbie so will also be seeking the advice of friend on whether he thinks it's is worth it...or not.


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