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Giveaway MTB

Postby RideLikeTheWind » Mon Mar 31, 2008 7:33 pm

My dad has recently acquired a bike which I am going to get serviced (although it looks brand new) and give it away. The details are:

It is a smallish frame, probably for a 12-15yr old
Barely used

I have not seen the bike, but I am sure it is in good condition (dad is pretty pedantic)

The idea is I want someone to have this that really needs it. I was going to give it to a young friend of mine, but he bought himself a bike last week. The church I go to wont take it for a raffle cause some of the more fundamental members see it as gambling (and it has to be ok with all).

So, if anyone knows any kid who would really benefit from this bike, and is willing to come pick it up, let me know. The decision will remain mine and I am not going to promise anything to anyone. I dont want any money for it, or bribery. Just a good home.

See how we go, huh?


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