WTS-SYD-Reynolds DV46 Ultralight wheels with Vittoria Corsa

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Re: WTS-SYD-Reynolds DV46 Ultralight wheels with Vittoria Co

Postby southeastD » Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:33 pm

Rich-Ti wrote:
southeastD wrote:Quite interested in this, but I have cold feet about moving away from Clinchers. Not sure how I'd handle a flat/puncture :|

How do you deal with it? :)

1. You generally puncture less anyway
2. Carry a spare, pre-glued, rolled tub
3. Carry a can of sealant

Remember, you can ride on a flat tub if you have to. Changing a tub is also actually every bit as quick as changing a clincher - most people have just never tried it to realise this.

A cheap tub (Schwalbe Milano can be had for around $40) will ride as well as the best clinchers (how much for a Vittoria Open Corsa CX?!). A good tub will feel incredible.

Tubs work because they deform better over bumps and through corners, which means they grip better, feel smoother and are generally a much nicer ride.

Sure, there's a bit of faff involved to glue a tub initially, but (with a bit of luck on your side) you shouldn't need to do it too often, and once you'd done it a few times you get the process under control pretty quickly and easily anyway. Besides, it becomes cathartic and enjoyable - it's a process you just cannot get with clinchers, and definitely gives a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

wardie - We need to discuss commission... ;)

Thanks for taking the time to write that :)

I see the wheels are sold. Would've have been keen on them.

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Re: WTS-SYD-Reynolds DV46 Ultralight wheels with Vittoria Co

Postby wardie » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:13 am

These wheels are now sold.

Thanks you everyone for your interest.
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