WTB-SYD: In need of this particular headset part 1-1/8

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WTB-SYD: In need of this particular headset part 1-1/8

Postby jeff_o » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:43 am

I'm building an MTB at the moment. noticed that the headset is incomplete, this is a 2006 model and uses ball bearings on crown, 1-1/8 inch size.

The bottom has the rubber/plastic seal to hide the bearings, but the top does not have it (red arrow). the bottom sea is actually a bit loose so i suspect it's not even the right one.

I think it's also missing a taller cone shaped spacer to hold the small triangular wedge inside the headset (green arrow).

Would anyone have spares lying around? Or if you have a complete 1-1/8 used headset (older style with ball bearings) let me know. Nothing fancy


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