RULES for posting in this section

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Newbies, please read the Market Place Rules before posting in this section. NEW UPDATED RULES !!!

Post Title Format: [Your Location] Item Title

WTS no longer required - and your location is required.

RULES for posting in this section

Postby AUbicycles » Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:37 pm

Are you wanting to post in the marketplace?
Please read through this and ensure your post complies with these requirements.

Posts that do not comply with these requirements will be deleted by moderators without notification. If you spot a thread in the marketplace that is incorrect, please report it to the mods using the report post icon Image. The increasing amount of activity in here means it can sometimes be difficult for moderators to review all threads.

1. Types of Posts allowed
This is a forum for private transactions only.
- No Commercial Posts: If you post commercially you will receive a permanent ban.
- No posts for services or events.
- Only bicycle and bicycle related products are allowed.
- Australian offers only: Sale of bicycles / parts by vendors from other countries is not permitted here.
- No Ebay sales please use My Bikes or Gear Elsewhere
- Sale Formats: You must list a price, bargaining is ok if public (posting replies). Please do not bargain/haggle via PM. Auctions are no longer supported. Expression of interest (EOI) threads are not permitted.
- NEW No selling Multiple Identical Items unless you have mod approval, you need to ask and explain first

Any posts/offers in breach of the rules or deemed inappropriate will be removed by moderators without notification.

2. Minimum 10 valid posts & 7 days membership
New Here? Fewer than 10 valid posts?
If you are a new user, i.e. you have fewer than 10 valid posts and you have been registered for less than 7 days, you can't post items for sale here... members who post a WTS, WTT or GROUP BUY but have not met both of these benchmarks will have their post automatically deleted. The only exception is if you email or PM a moderator in advance and are given approval. Please note that approvals from now on will be given in exceptional circumstances only, and are at the discretion of the moderators/admin. If approval is granted, this must be stated as the first line of the listing. A record of approvals is kept, Attempts to mention that approval has been given where it has not or is still under review will result in a permanent ban.

New users may reply to existing topics

3. Replies and Discussion
In the marketplace is not appropriate to post criticism of the seller, the product or the price. If you are genuinely interested then questions about the condition and details are encouraged in the thread. Responses that solely aim to discredit the seller, the product or suggest that the price is inflated or the product can be purchased elsewhere for less are not acceptable (though it is fair to ask whether the price is negotiable or to make the seller an offer).

If you feel that an offer in the marketplace is a scam or misleading, please report the post and provide a short explanation so that a moderater can address this.

4. Structure of your Post
Post Title (subject)

If you want to sell a bike / parts, please name your topic:
[your location] - description
eg: [MEL] - Ultegra Groupset
It is a good idea to include photo(s) of the item you are selling. You can upload the photo to a free hosting services (such as flickr) and link it. Keep it down to max. 3 photos, and ensure that they are not excessively large. 640x480 is recommended, 800x600 is also allowable.

If you wish to pass on a tip to other members on a bargain you have spotted, please post it in this thread: Spotted a Bargain? Post it in here!

For location, your state or city must be entered. Your location must be entered into the title of all marketplace threads, regardless of whether you are willing to ship/post the item or not.

Post Content
For WTS threads, the first few lines also require particular formatting (must be duplicated for each item if multiple items are being listed):
Item: e.g. Fuji Roubaix Pro 2009 Road Bike
Price: $xxx
Postage Available:Yes/No
Details: put comments about size/colour/condition etc etc here

You can cut and paste the below code straight into your thread:
Code: Select all
[b]Postage Available:[/b]

If you have sold/bought/withdrawn/traded your item:
If you have completed your thread, please simply place a post at the end stating that you have bought/sold/traded etc your item(s). If you are withdrawing your item(s) please do the same. If you are withdrawing an item to list it on ebay due to lack of interest, you may place a link to the ebay listing. A reasonable time (minimum 2 weeks) must have passed before an ebay link can be posted. eBay links posted prior to this deadline will be removed.

5. Adding Links & Images
Particularly for WTS threads, pictures are beneficial. If you unsure about how to post photos, in the info section there is a permanent post from Mulger Bill about Posting Pictures. It is worthwhile to read this.

6. Implications for Commercial Posters
If you do post commercially:
- you will receive a permanent ban,
- your host will be informed,
- you will be Black Listed,
- if you have a listing in the directory, your listing will be permanently removed.
- Complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for scams and misleading offers.

Are you a business or commercial enterprise?
Would you like to promote your cycling related products or services?
This site gets over 230,000+ visitors a month, why not become an advertiser or sponsor? Details here >
We are also trialing a commercial section in this forum - please email [email protected]

7. Legal Information

Warning - Buyer Beware
Please carefully check the goods before purchase. Private purchases usually don't include a garantee. Ask to see original purchase receipts and ask for a receipt of purchase (even a hand written note with signature). If you suspect a bike or parts to be stolen, please report this to the police.

Legal Disclaimer
Bicycles Network Australia provides these classifieds as an open forum for private buyers and sellers. Businesses and commercial enterprises are not permitted to participate in this forum.

Bicycles Network Australia does not endorse or take responsibility for posts within this forum. Bicycles Network Australia does not participate in any transactions and does not take any responsibility for transactions. Transactions take place between a buyer and seller without participation or endorsement from Bicycles Network Australia.

Sellers are required to provide truthful and correct information regarding the bicycle / bicycle parts / cycling products for sale. Buyers are encouraged to personally inspect goods before purchase as Bicycles Network Australia takes no responsibility and provides no guarantee for the goods offered for sale.

Bicycles Network Australia reserves the right to remove or edit any posts in the forum.
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by BNA » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:20 pm


Re: RULES for posting in this section

Postby Gio » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:20 pm

Hi guys, how often can we bump an ad up to the top?

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Re: RULES for posting in this section

Postby Yeebus » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:25 pm

Hi, Just wondering what I need to do to reply to threads (without admin review) and to be able to pm people?

I am a new user and new to bike riding.

I would pm you to ask but I can't figure out how (it might be disabled?)

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Re: RULES for posting in this section

Postby AUbicycles » Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:47 pm

Late responses but for the record.

For bumping, probably a couple of times, with enough space in between. There is probably an obvious limit of frequency and amount where it is just annoying and no one is buying.

For replying to threads as a new member. For the first ever post it needs to be moderator approved and is part of our anti-spam protection, a formality and generally one of the mods will approve within 24 hours, often faster.

PM's a tied with the membership, so at least 1 valid post is required and this is also an anti-spam measure to protect members from spam via PM. It does mean waiting and as a 'member to member' section rather than a commercial classified, this is simply the process for new members.
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Re: RULES for posting in this section

Postby pakejotter » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:55 am

Quick question. Are multiple FS threads allowed? I had a vague memory that they weren't. I have recently put a heap of stuff up in the 1 thread and its getting very confusing/large very quickly and would like to group the bits and pieces over a number of threads if its allowed?
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Re: RULES for posting in this section

Postby Mulger bill » Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:21 pm

pakejotter wrote:Quick question. Are multiple FS threads allowed? I had a vague memory that they weren't. I have recently put a heap of stuff up in the 1 thread and its getting very confusing/large very quickly and would like to group the bits and pieces over a number of threads if its allowed?

No problem by me, don't recall any prohibitions unless there's a commercial aspect to it.
...whatever the road rules, self-preservation is the absolute priority for a cyclist when mixing it with motorised traffic.
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Re: RULES for posting in this section

Postby pakejotter » Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:04 pm

Thanks for the clarification Mulger.
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