(NSW) New Year Sale - Zipp, Prologo, Cinelli, Suzue, Pro

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(NSW) New Year Sale - Zipp, Prologo, Cinelli, Suzue, Pro

Postby HLC » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:21 pm

It's a new year, and as such, i'd like to buy a whole heap of new crap. So in order to keep my closed loop system in operation, I need to do a bit of a clear out first.....

Item 1
Zipp Gear


Zipp Service Course SL Short & Shallow Handlebars 38cm ctc
Zipp Service Course Bar Tape
Zipp Service Course SL Seat Post 27.2mm, insertion marks
Zipp Service Course SL Stem 80mm -17 degree with custom Morten Tilquist Garmin Mount (anodized aluminium)
Zipp Carbon Bidon cage (21g if memory serves).

ALL parts were bought brand new and full retail, and have only been fitted on one bike (the bar tape hasn't even been fitted). The custom garmin mount cost something like 65 EURO at the time, so don't really want to let this go, but would like to move away from Zipp gear.

Because this stuff is used, there are nicks and marks, no real scratches to note, a tiny bump on the back of the stem AFTER I REMOVED IT, DOH. Please look at the pics. They tell a thousand words.

I am after $250 + postage for the lot. Which IMO is a bargain.

If I cannot get a buyer for the complete lot,
Bars - $60 + postage PENDING PAYMENT
Seatpost - $50 + postage PENDING PAYMENT
Stem - SOLD
Bar Tape - $20 + postage
Bidon Cage - $40 + postage
Garmin Mount - $50 + postage


Item 2
Prologo Zero Pas Gel saddle.


Item 3
Cinelli Pista Stem

80mm. STEEP angle. Fitted once, rode around the block, since I didn't have any other cinelli stuff on my bike, I took it off.

Can be considered EXCELLENT (only has marks from storage)


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/ ... n4wlp9.jpg

Item 4
Pro Synop TT bars + Shimano Brake levers

Full TT set up, Base bar is 42cm ctc if memory serves, comes with Shimano TT brake levers. All purchased new, fitted and used once, turns out I don't like aerobars.

Can be considered AS NEW - a little dusty from storage but I have wiped them down.

$130 + postage.


Item 5
2x Conti Gatorskins.

1 Folding, 1 wire bead. NEW. Just a bit dusty from storage. I don't use these any more... What's the retail on one of these now?


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/ ... th2fyi.jpg

Item 6
Velocity Aerohead with Velocity Hub. Fixed/Free wheel.

Spins like it is new, a bit dusty from Storage. This is an Australian rim/build. Straight guage spokes, 32 hole. Decent bulletproof wheel for your track/fixie build.

$80 + postage.


Item 7
Suzue Promax NJS track Hubs.

Front hub is DAMAGED. The hub flanges are bent something like this /---\ (perhaps a 1 or 2mm deviation from square) HOWEVER, it does still build into a straight wheel. I have done this myself twice, and only now am deciding to move them on as my 2 bikes with NJS parts are all Dura Ace & Suntour.

These are 36 hole, have 8mm slotted axles, and the rear is 110mm spaced. It can however be spaced to 120mm ( i have done this before as well). Could do with a repack and decent clean/polish, but build up as beautiful wheels. I'll own a black set of these with the carbon hub body one day.

$50 + postage.


All items are available for inspection and Pick-up in Western Sydney (Quakers Hill OR Kings Park), I am happy to negotiate if you are going to purchase more than 1 item.

Contact is via PM here.

Thanks for playing.

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Re: (NSW) New Year Sale - Zipp, Prologo, Cinelli, Suzue, Pro

Postby RRalphy » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:37 pm

i will take the gatorskins if they are still available, on wiggle the folding are $40 dont know about the non folding. let me know the price

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Re: (NSW) New Year Sale - Zipp, Prologo, Cinelli, Suzue, Pro

Postby Snicks » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:22 pm

Interested in the garmin mount, I know they're dependent on the bolt width... Any idea whether it is compatible with an edge/enve stem???? If so, ill take it.

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Re: (NSW) New Year Sale - Zipp, Prologo, Cinelli, Suzue, Pro

Postby Snicks » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:27 pm

Conversely can you give me an accurate c-c measure of the bolt width on the zipp and I will see whether I can get someone to measure the same for me on an enve stem...

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Re: (NSW) New Year Sale - Zipp, Prologo, Cinelli, Suzue, Pro

Postby HLC » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:17 pm

Only thing left is the Aerohead wheel.

Sorry guys. I must have priced everything too low.

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