malvern star flip flop.

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malvern star flip flop.

Postby jwc » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:12 pm

hello, long time reader first time poster..... :roll:
my brother recently found, on council pickup, a malvern star club racer (as far as i can work out) with bsa fittings and flip flop rear hub.
it has a lightweight frame with tapered stays and rear track drop outs.
the frame number is on the seat clamp and reads thus: 6(lower), 6035. there is no sign of a letter.
the bottom bracket is also bsa cast.
the cranks and chainwheel are bsa (not lettered, but with piled rifles stamp) with 5 pins.
any ideas, learned enthusiasts? :idea:
i also have a ladies malvern star with parallell down tubes, black bsa eadie coaster and a serial of 4M(higher) 43861 ... hotostream . im guessing wartime?
it has bsa lettered chainwheel, piled rifles cranks, and one bsa stamped rat trap pedal ... hotostream . (the other rat trap is punched with 6 pointed stars, ala malvern.. ... hotostream )
merely a question of the old quandry: how to date a malvern star..... :?:
ps, apologies for the novelty smiles.....

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