Why SS/Fixie

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Re: Why SS/Fixie

Postby Humphrey » Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:49 am

I live beside Brisbane Waters and go to the pool at WoyWoy every day.

The cycle way is beside the water all the way. Sea level. About twenty klms round trip.
I am currently riding a large frame old road bike which I have fitted flat bars. And using two gears At most.

Building my fitness after heart surgery to replace my aortic valve.

Why bother with the maintainence dramas.

Recently bought a justrideit alloy framed fixie from gum tree.

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Re: Why SS/Fixie

Postby Chris249 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:14 pm

On the other hand, for me commuting on a fixie makes me think about the joys of gears. No dramas getting started, no dramas with potentially clipping a pedal, and (IMHO) more safety in extreme situations as you can bunny hop more easily, move your weight around more easily, etc. I dropped the front wheel into a hidden gap between two concrete slabs in the path while cruising home from track racing last week and ended up just missing a sign and then veering down a ramp and the wrong way into a bike lane. It's the second time something like that has happened to me on a fixie (the first on my old track bike which was a forgiving Giant Bowery converted to track gearing) and yet nothing like that has ever happened in all the time I have commuted or worked on a geared bike.

Obviously people love fixies and I know the attraction (I get it myself, although more on the racing side) but I just thought I'd throw in the other side.
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Re: Why SS/Fixie

Postby Gandalf » Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:54 pm

Riding SS is a no brainer really. until you try you will never understand, I am on my 3rd SS now after loosing 2 in a shed fire last year.
New ride is a State Cycle black and chrome with 46-16 (76in) gearing and most days I would rather ride it than my 2015 Giant Defy Advanced
Pro 0 (7.5kg of carbon with Di2 Ultegra). SS is really such a sweet ride and the gearing can handle up to around 9-10% as long as it doesn't
go for to long? Anyone who hasn't tried JUST DO IT!
It's not wind, it's a training aid.

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