Anyone out riding in the wind?

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Anyone out riding in the wind?

Postby Low Racer » Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:07 pm

Hi guys,
My wife thought I have gone mad when I set off this morning for a 200km ride, from Coffs Harbour to Kempsey and back. I have been looking forward to this ride organised by the DUB group and wasn't deterred by the strong gale. Headwind most of the way and back. My other DF friends found it extremely hard work. There were 4 of us and they tried their the best to draft each other. I tried staying with them for a while but found it hard work at the back with the speed differences between our bikes. So I powered off.

The headwind didn't bother me. What did was the side wind and nearly end up at the side of the road/in the path of traffic. Scary!!!! I started to question my sanity. Due to the dangerous riding condition, we shortened our ride by 40km (20km each way) and headed home.

Some bas...rds threw an apple at me on my way back. Fortunately it missed me. Would have spooked/hurt me. I didn't get the rego, unfortunately.

I did 168km in 5 1/2hrs and pretty happy with myself. I loaded myself yesterday with Glucodin and took 3 tablets of magnesium tablets this morning. My energy level was good and didn't get any cramps at all.


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Postby william » Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:02 pm

Hi Chong,

sadly it looks like you're all alone and have scared all the 'normal' riders.
Yeah! You may be crazy too but I'm sure your enthusiasm to enjoy your riding will overcome most obstacles including gale force winds, driving rain, sub freezing temperatures amongst other things and anyone on an M5 Carbon lowracer would let them just glance off.
I had thought of going out last Sat but when the trees are bending across the road and wheely bins bouncing down the street I thought otherwise. Then the rain, on and off all day. I don't mind being out and getting caught in the rain but its another matter starting in the rain. I have, however, been riding in the rain on occasion and providing the right clothing is worn there is no big deal. The thought of getting my Corsa dirty though is another matter. Brrr!
When riding with friends in the wind, especially on uprights, the bent difference is really noticeable. I'm always looking in the mirror and waiting, waiting, waiting...


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