Will it lead my from the dark side?

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Will it lead my from the dark side?

Postby Leigh_caines » Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:13 pm

I'm off next Saturday heading north to Toowoomba then down the inland vir Texus and around to back home in Woolgoolga [about 1500ks] Will go alone this time with no back up.... which I like
My touring mate {recycler} is in India.

This will be the first time in 10years I'll be riding an upright bike on tour and not the recumbent.... I was in the bike shop last week {went in to buy 2 touring tyers and...} and there was a 2nd hand Moulton that I just had to have {now these 15 bikes in my shed ] ...so 20inch wheels and full suspention and it's a faster bike {when loaded] then I would of thought so will be interesting to see if it leads me away from the recumbents,
Will I give up the comfort of a recumbent seat for a bit of extra [when loaded] speed and with a "maybe" of quicker hill climbing when loaded?
Tell you when I get back

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Postby Kalgrm » Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:17 pm

I'm betting you'll come back thinking "That was okay, but I might only use that bike on shorter trips." It's always good to have options in the shed, so I don't think you'll stay off the 'bents for ever.

Sounds like a great trip, anyway. Get some pics for the report.

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Postby Leigh_caines » Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:20 am

I enjoy my recumbents to much to stay off them....
but they [as touring bikes] have the odd fault
1- overseas they [or mine is] are to heavy [23ks] [the bike without the rest of the stuff one need to tour]
2- hard to fit in a box
3- in heavy mountains with a full load they are hard going

The Moulton is 13ks and brakes down to fit in a hard case
We'll see how I feel after 1500ks


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Postby Freddyflatfoot » Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:20 pm

I would like to think that you would at least go a couple of metric centuries first, to see if you can still ride an upright!
I don't think I could.................
I did a short tour the other week towing a converted kiddie trailer behind my trike,
I took way too much gear, but it at least proved that the trike and trailer is a good platform for longish touring, and the extra weight in a trailer is less of an issue than one would think. Avg. speeds were only about 17 kph though. I only went for 2 days, expecting to go a lot further, but we had some severe weather warnings, so turned for home instead. :(
One thing I enjoyed though, was being able to ride along very relaxed, even able to enjoy a cup of coffee, while riding along country roads one handed!
As for a touring 'bent, it should be fairly easy to make something in a 20/20 format that breaks down using an S and S coupler that would fit in a suitcase.
I did see one recently, but can't remember where.
Anyway Leigh, all the best with your up and coming tour. Hope it goes well for you.
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Postby Leigh_caines » Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:20 pm

"at least go a couple of metric centuries first"

O Yeah :roll:
I'm in my 60's so I start each trip a little slower then this..... do build up as the days go by and end up doing the odd days of 150 or more [not in a row]
And yeah I'm not sure how long per day I can stay in the upright..... but hay this is no race and if I find long days are hard I'll do short ones :)

Yes I agree that a 3wheeler looks like the best but I got one on loan from a mate and went on a trip and I hated it [just wasn't right for me] The 2 wheelers both long and short I found much better for me

It's hard to fine a touring recumbent that is light that dosen't cost more then I have....both my recumbent are 23 and 25ks...I took the lightest one to ride with the Irish but was a drag and I had to buy other gear there to make up for what I couldn't carry and pay $48 per k for anything over 23ks

So I keep working on getting my gear lighter and maybe the Moulton will be the answer......maybe

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