New Australian HPV Records

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New Australian HPV Records

Postby Poiter » Sun May 03, 2009 8:15 pm

OzHPV Inc. recently ran speed record attempts at the Lang Lang proving grounds over Easter 2009.

Several riders made attempts at various existing and not yet set records.
Back in the early 1980's, three riders set speed records for the flying 200m.
1983 - Trevor Gartside - 82.43kmh in "Bluebell" - set at International Human Power Championships in USA
1984 - Doug Adamson - 88.59kmh in "Bluebell" - set at International Human Power Championships in USA
1984 - Steele Bishop - 78.59kmh in "Holden" - set at Lang Lang proving grounds Australia.

After 25 years a new on Australian soil record was set for the flying 200m at the OzHPV Speed Trials
Jeff Nielsen ‘Overzealous’ Tri-Sled Faired trike – 82.66kmh (Legal wind) New record for Australian course.

Jeff went on to set the international best distance for a faired single rider trike at low altitude for an hour at 61.1km.

Peter Heal logged a 43.6km hour attempt on his unfaired NoCom Lowracer.

Unfortunately other attempts at the Flying 200m and 1 Hour were either not legal due to wind speeds or unsuccessful due to gear malfunctions.

OzHPV will be conducting more of these speed trials for its members later this year and again at Easter next year.

Photos from Lang Lang can be viewed here

More info about OzHPV available on it's website

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Re: New Australian HPV Records

Postby Kalgrm » Sun May 03, 2009 10:32 pm

Thanks Poit, and well done! :)

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