Kid! How come you get no flats??

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Kid! How come you get no flats??

Postby Leigh_caines » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:02 am

Kid! How come you get no flats??

First day in the flat plains we hit the “3 pronged cat burs” and 11 flats in one day
Next town…. I see kids riding BMX’s
“Kid! How come you have no flats??”
He tells me a story that boils down to…
“Old seat belts as tyer liners”
No more flats after that

Just home from a bike trip to the “back of Bourke”
This is far west outback to where the legendary “Black Stump” is [or was as I think someone nicked it]
Whether was perfect… 27c with a light tail wind for the whole two weeks
Not a drop of rain with nights cool but not cold

The kids out there just loved the Recumbent

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