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comparative quality of components.

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 12:23 am
by DaveW
With the bike shops I have talked to all pushing me further into the $1000+ range for my eventual full distanceride, I am seriously thinking about getting a bent.
Just bents over here in Perth have bikes starting at $1150, and trike starting about $100 more.

But as I know so little of the tech side of cycling, I don't know how the fittings compare.

For instance the spec sheet from the $1150:

Components Description
Frame Full Cr-Moly
Fork Full Cr-Moly
Seat Alloy
Handle bar Alloy
Shifter SRAM Centera Grip shifter
Lever Rt 354 in black(tectro)
F/derailleur Sora (Shimano)
R/derailleur Acera
Crank 52/42/30 170mm w/chaincover
Freewheel Sram 5.0 11-32 8 speeds
Chain Z72
Hub Alloy . Chosen
Spoke 14# stainless
Rim CH-23F 32H
Tire Kenda 20"/1.5 , 26"/1.5
Pedal VP-191
Brake Tektro : 829ALFR
H/t parts F961AW, color in black w/thread
BB F 2001SW
Grip Black

Now most of these letters and numbers mean nothing to me, but I read people talking about 105 sets, which seem to be the reasonable standard - how does that compare with what this has?

Tyres and rims - are they good ones or just enough to keep your bottom of the ground?

Basically, are these component better or otherwise than I would get spending the same dollars on a drop bar roadie?

Riding my grotty old MTB into the wind down the freeway here has shown me that I want something that cuts the wind better, and I have always liked the more unusual - that obviously leads me right to a bent!
But if I am going to spend this sort of money I don't want it to wear out too quickly.

By the way the eventual ride will be between 80 and 90 k's per day 5days a week, hence why I want to make sure of durability.

Thanks all.

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 1:17 am
by Kalgrm
Hi Dave,

To be honest, the quality of components you get on a bent of the same price as a road bike are way lower. My Bacchetta Giro 26 (a well regarded 'bent) cost me $2650 and it came with components I believe would be low end to low-mid level on a mountain bike (were most of them were sourced). SRAM X7 and LX level. When you get these on a MTB, you can expect the whole bike to be around $1000.

I've ridden the Toscana which Craig is selling for $1150. As far as 'bents go, it's a real bargain. But it felt "strange" for me, due to its "begging hamster" steering position. Richard (AKA Europa) never reconciled himself to riding it after trying hard for several months. (Send him a PM for more info.)

The components on it were of a surprisingly high standard. Certainly on par with the ones supplied on my Bacchetta. So I don't think you'll wear them out too quickly, but if you do, you'll just buy new ones - that's all part of the fun of riding any bike! But as I said at the start - the components aren't world beaters - they are about what you'd expect on a $1100 bike. (Don't expect that with all 'bents).


Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 8:28 am
by DaveW
Thanks for that - I have sent him a PM.

I was hoping that comparative quality was going to be OK, but I simply don't know enough about it to tell for myself. :roll: