Hi from up above

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Hi from up above

Postby driewiel » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:12 am

Just new to the forum. My interest goes especially to Australian Pedal Prix races, something we don't really have in Holland. Low racers and velomobiles yes. Not many school projects. I tried to join the Phantom HPV board but no reply.

For people wanting to build their own trike, my non-weld Tribolt could be your thing. I first made a good as possible copy of Rich Richardson's Raptor 25 and came up with my own design steering later.

The only tools you need are a drill and a hacksaw. A vice comes in handy and to give everything a nice touch you can file and sand it to the finish you're looking for.

I have built 3 trikes till now and one is used almost daily my my old uncle. He hasn't broken anything yet so I guess the trike is up to the job.

The steering is done with forward pointing rod-end bearings and a L-profile steering knuckle. There is a little downside to this design and that is that the rear wheel tilts slightly in corners. But it is by far the simplest way to eliminate brake steer without the use of professional tools or machines.

If you have some questions please let me know. I created a blog for invited builders only to which everyone can get access in case you plan to make a copy. In this way I try to keep track of every Tribolt clone.The blog isn't complete quite yet. About 50 percent of the manuals are available. All is free of course. It is a open-source design and each person can add his/her own ideas. Eventually I will just sit back while my personal help is no longer needed. Till then I promise to assist each one to bring the project to a finish. It is the easiest to build trike with centerpoint steering in the world so that won't be a problem.

The Tribolt is not as good as my ICE QNT obviously. But the bolted construction is a lot of fun and capable of long distance riding. You can make it high, low, short, long, wide, narrow, whatever you want. The one in the picture is a super narrow 60cm track with 305 front wheels. The other two had 406 front wheels and wider track.

As for the rest, I hope to learn from you and contribute what I know. Now if you can send some fast guys over here, we can see if Ymte in his Quest and Daniel in his Evo-K can beat you.




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Re: Hi from up above

Postby John Lewis » Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:17 pm

G'day Ron,
Welcome to the forum. I often see your posts on BROL.

That is a very nice trike you have built. I often wondered about bolt together construction as I had seen it and used it in ultralight aeroplanes and it certainly was strong enough there.

The Pedal Prix racing is very popular on the East side of Australia but it hasn't taken off here in the West. I think the distances are too great and cost of travel is a problem. I only know of one school here that has taken part. It is certainly a great opportunity for those who are able to participate.

Hopefully someone here on the forum can put you in contact with the pedal Prix mob.


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Re: Hi from up above

Postby Joeblake » Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:20 am

A very workmanlike piece of kit.


I wonder if James May could build one out of Meccano. :lol:

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Re: Hi from up above

Postby driewiel » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:20 am

Yes I call it a kitchen table trike. Give me a call all who is looking for a aluminum/spaghetti recipe.

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