Recumbent safety? Low vs highracer? Rim vs Disc Brakes?

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Re: Recumbent safety? Low vs highracer? Rim vs Disc Brakes?

Postby Riggsbie » Wed May 08, 2013 6:28 pm

I would love to try a Rans, they look rather cool......a hint of chopper about them.....

Had a cracking ride on my Musashi today, beautiful autumn sunshine and 22C (good for Victoria at this time of year).....

New Ultremo 622-28 on my Shimano RS80-C50 rear wheel with 36-11 ultremo 451-23 on my Velocity front brake pads on the front and they feel a lot better......

The lumps and bumps are still causing my windsock carbon tubes and joints to pop apart, need to find the stickiest tape known to man to keep them together !

Averaged 30.5 kph on a 58.8km ride on my own :-).....average HR of 143bpm......

Sweeeeetttttt !

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by BNA » Wed May 08, 2013 7:57 pm


Re: Recumbent safety? Low vs highracer? Rim vs Disc Brakes?

Postby jaffaman » Wed May 08, 2013 7:57 pm

RonK wrote:
jaffaman wrote:Personally I like the fact that the RANS uses two standard 26" wheels, though I've not ridden either.

This is also a weakness - the 20" front wheel on the Tour Easy is what allows the fitting of the slippery zzipper fairing.

Didn't know that - there is a 406 front 559 rear version if needed. That may be why.
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Re: Recumbent safety? Low vs highracer? Rim vs Disc Brakes?

Postby jaffaman » Wed May 08, 2013 8:33 pm

Aushiker wrote:Another possibility for sure. There is some suggestion of a Ti and aluminium frame as well at other websites, but no information on the RANS website. Would love to know what comes in a frameset as well. Never understand the lack of detail: too easy to walk away rather than jump through hoops to get basic information.


Yeah - I agree about the lack of info.

I understand they are all aluminium at the moment but the dealer i bought my crank forward frame from shows steel, titanium and aluminium versions on his website and may be worth talking to. See Certainly they responded quickly and in detail when I contacted them so they can clear up what is available at the moment. I know that they have come in all three materials at some time or other.

My crank forward frameset came with frame, seat and seat post, fork, headset, riser, handlebar, frame protector, and dérailleur hanger. I also bought a rack from them. I added bottom bracket, crank, pedals, shifters, dérailleurs, brakes, wheels, cassette, chain, cables, kickstand, lights, bottle cage, grips. I'm assuming the same for the recumbent. Full standard spec bike is only $415 US more than the frameset. I spent a lot more than that on my components (but they were much higher spec).
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Re: Recumbent safety? Low vs highracer? Rim vs Disc Brakes?

Postby william » Wed May 08, 2013 11:29 pm

I take it that the rapto and catbikes were lowracers?
True although the Raptobike is a little lower, a real lowracer. You become part of the bike when riding and they are fast. Despite being front wheel drive you wouldn't know it when riding. The hardshell seat didn't agree with my back after a couple of hours. Short story is my back, not the bike.

What was your motivation for moving between bents?
IOW what did the corsa lack or the rapto have ..... and what did the rapto lack or the catbike have ... that made you move to these choices?

I wanted a lowracer before I bought the Corsa but the lowracer scared me. After riding the Corsa for awhile I realised the low format is no big deal so I went for the Raptobike for its reasonable price and I could build it up quite reasonable but in hindsight there is a ton of options if you can justify the prices.
The Catbike Musashi has the format I need more than want. A comfortable seat, reasonable ergonomics, a little higher than a low racer and reasonable value with, except for the front wheel, easy to source parts.
My judgement with the bikes comes from riding the same roads. Each bike has it plusses and minuses and although getting the fastest speed from the least energy has been a thought, it doesn't override comfort at the end of the day for me.
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