What's it like riding a trike ?

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What's it like riding a trike ?

Postby fthills » Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:29 pm

I've never been too interested in riding a trike let alone buying one , but some recent offerings from the specialist trike makers now make me think I may be missing out on something. There are some seriously sleek looking trikes and from the odd report here and there are pretty impressive performers on the road.
What its like riding them as compared to a 2 wheel recumbent ? If you prefer the trike platform what is it that makes it compelling ?

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Re: What's it like riding a trike ?

Postby Riggsbie » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:14 pm

I have trikes and a two wheeler recumbent....

The most fun bike and easily accessible one is my 2011 ICE Vortex FS.....a great machine.....folds, goes in the back of a Ford Fiesta, it's fast (not as fast as my two wheeler), it's very comfortable, handles superbly, excellent suspension which helps with the Victorian coarse chip roads......it feels like a go kart, it's just awesome !

My other trike is Velomobile, so the fastest bike I own, but noisy, heavy, very fast, very conspicuous (I have lost count how many times I have been video'd or photo'd).....

My two wheeler is a Catbike Musashi and after two years of tweaking only now am I really enjoying it and getting fast on it.....when pushing on its only 2 kph slower than my velomobile on my typical roads and routes......

My next bike is a another two wheeler recumbent !

My "go to bike" every time is my ICE Vortex FS !

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Re: What's it like riding a trike ?

Postby John Lewis » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:46 pm

My bikes in order of use are my Logo Trike, My Long Wheel Base Tour Easy clone and my Mango Velo.
The trike gets used for towing a trailer with the dog, Going to the shops and touring.
The TE is my bike of choice for our over 50's group rides. The Mango so far gets the least use at present due to when and where I've been riding.
I order of speed The Mango is by far the fastest followed by the LWB and the trike is the slowest.
Then again it is almost always loaded with touring paniers and gear or a trailer with the dog or groceries.
I have some other bikes I made myself. A SWB, A delta trike and a LWB lowracer. They are all fun just need more hours in a day for riding.
Horses for courses but the trike is a probably the most fun.

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