Low, Medium, High. How do they ride?

What recumbent would you ride in Time Trials and Audax?

Poll ended at Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:47 pm

Low Racer (seat height less than 40cm)
Medium Racer (seat height around 40cm)
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High Racer (seat height of more than 70cm)
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Low, Medium, High. How do they ride?

Postby bradwoodbr » Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:47 pm

I currently ride a beautiful M5 Shockprook (406rims) which is a medium racer with seat height of 40cm. Now that I want to do more time trialling and audax, the bike is on the heavy side at 15kg. So it is a perfect bike except for its weight.

What experiences or advice can you give about the different SWB recumbents and Trikes. Low, medium or high for time trialling and audax?
What are the advantages to each?

I am thinking of upgrading and don't know which way to go yet.

Thanks in advance

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Postby Low Racer » Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:45 pm

Hi Brad,
The weight of a trike would be in the same territory as your beautiful M5 shockproof, or even heavier for some models. You will be disappointed with trike if speed is what you are after. So you can scratch that off your list.

I have a Greenspeed trike and no way it can match my swb low racer in speed. My low racer is also on the heavy side (approx 14kg). I will be receiving my M5 Carbon High Racer soon and would be able to compare the two. I am sure the M5 would be faster uphill as it is much lighter than my low racer. The low racer does give me very sweet, fast and comfortable ride.

In general, high racers would be better than low racers in hilly terrains. If there are a lot of sharp turnings in the course, low racer with a dropped chain would be at a disadvantage due to steering lock.

Hope that help.



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Postby Kalgrm » Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:27 pm

I can answer from the perspective of a rider who has only ridden a high racer.

I like the format because

* the larger wheels have a lower rolling resistance than small wheels
* it's possible to make them quite light without being overly expensive (Corsa SS is about 10.5kg stock and about $4000)
* higher seating position means there is no need for a flag (less wind resistance and lower dork factor ;))

Low-racers are better into headwinds because they take advantage of the lower wind speed at less than one metre (boundary layer effect).

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