waxing your trike

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waxing your trike

Postby big trike rider » Sat Sep 20, 2008 4:27 pm

just found this good hint 4 us trike lovers and im off to do mine now stephen

Waxing Your Trike

Providing a protective layer

by Julian Edgar


While Greenspeed trikes are already highly finished with plating, powder coating or anodising (depending on the part), adding a further protective coat will take less than an hour of your time.

The trick is to use a soft automotive wax. Do not use a cutting wax (often billed as ‘extra cut’ or ‘restores dull surfaces’); instead you want a wax that adds a protective layer rather than removing any of the layer that’s already there!

Apply the wax with a soft cotton cloth, wiping off the surplus as you go. There’s no need to apply it, let it dry and then buff it as you would when polishing a car. The layer of wax should be invisible – if there’s a milky residue then you’re putting on too much.

Wax every metal surface on the trike except the chain, gears and brake discs (if fitted). Wax the rims, hubs, frame tubes, handbrake levers, mirror extension pole, seat frame, cross-member, carrier – the lot.

When you’ve finished the trike will look almost exactly the same, but the surface will have been sealed and water will run off more easily.

When you’ve finished waxing, apply a wax based lubricant to the chain...

...and apply some WD40 (or equivalent) penetrating oil to the innards of the handbrake levers. You can also use it sparingly on the exposed parts of the front chain-ring axle and the exposed parts of the axles of each pedal.

Especially if you live in a hot, wet tropical climate, these easy measures will keep your trike looking like new for longer!

Manufacturers: Please SelectGreen Speed



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