Cycling in Switzerland

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Cycling in Switzerland

Postby Aushiker » Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:13 pm


Just thought I would share this posting by Lara Dunn at

Switzerland Mobility was conceived to provide signposted and easy-to-use trails across Switzerland for walkers, cyclists, canoeists and even inline skaters, be they multi-day tourists or those looking for an easy single day ride. It has resulted in a huge network of national and regional trails that offers something for everyone.

There are nine national multi-day routes for touring cyclists and three for mountain bikers, plus 55 regional cycle trails and 14 regional off-road routes. Some 95 percent of the ‘cycle’ routes and almost 100 percent of the ‘mountain bike’ routes are free of motorised traffic.

For independent cyclists, it’s simply a case of turning up with your bike, having availed yourself of the great Swiss train system and picked up a route map (although the signposts are so comprehensive you'll rarely need it), and off you go. By using the suggested itineraries at, it’s easy to plan a route and organise accommodation along the way, whatever your budget or preference.

More in the full article.


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