Majorca and Tenerife cycling

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Majorca and Tenerife cycling

Postby /\ |_ | » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:16 pm

Hi All
Heading over to Europe in Oct and looking at travelling to Majorca and tenerife. Would love to hear from people who have travelled to one of the destination and what are the must do routes. I have noticed there is a lot of good climbing to be had in Tenerife. I am just a little unsure on what cassette I should take over. Have read that a triple is the best option next would be a compact with a 12-28 or 53/39 with a 12/32 rear, but will have issues on a ten speed. I do have a 12-28 but up front I have a 53/39 dont want to change this. I have read that the gradients can be as much as 20% on some climbs and sustained! On the garmin connect website I noticed that you can easly do over 3000m of vertical climbing on a 100km ride. I also come across Christian VanderVelde training ride the stats are amazing; on a 160km ride he did 3500m of climbing for in 5hr40mins average power of 245watts and average Hr 131!. I am liking the look of Tenerife as a cycling destination bring on the Mountains......I hope dont come back hating Mtns!

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