Question: Bike hire in UK (and perhaps Europe) ?

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Question: Bike hire in UK (and perhaps Europe) ?

Postby stryker84 » Sat Oct 27, 2007 3:25 pm

Have plans for a short 3 week holiday, flying into London this end year.

Was wondering how feasible it would be to hire a bike to get around town.

Will be in London for approx a week, and then who knows where in the country, wherever my whim takes me, I guess. A no plans, short get away from it all. Might even end up in continental Europe, funds permitting.

So :

1. looking at hiring a bike for a week in London, bringing it with me travel (if feasible) then returning it before I fly out, OR,

2. splitting the trip into 2 or more, i.e, hire in London, return it, then hire a new bike wherever I end up, if needed (would other cities/smaller towns have hire?) OR,

3. ditch the idea completely if unfeasible.


Any tips on easily accessible London shops, or clubs, or organisations that would hire a decent bike, cheap? I'm not too keen on a folder or a MTB, so at least a DF hybrid/flat bar, if not a roadie. But also has to be cheap compared to public transport, I'm running on budget here. I don't need some flash roadie for 20 sterling a day, but nor do I want for 1 pound/wk a cheapo clunker that's intended for short distance touristing.


Also, would most likely be staying at the cheapest of cheap hostels and homestays and what not. Any comments re: facilities for cyclists? esp storage.


I'm not looking at touring long distance, indeed, the season and my fitness both conspire against that, but just something to free me from the limits of shankmobile or the costs of public transport.

Cheers in advance!

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