Riders Wanted: Cycling for Freedom

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Riders Wanted: Cycling for Freedom

Postby Rabout » Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:32 am

I (Ric Brown) have just ridden solo over 2300kms through Chile including the Atacama Desert, and will be starting the second leg of my trek through Latin America next week - through Uruguay and Paraguay to Sucre, Bolivia.
I am looking for people to join me and help protect the freedoms that we enjoy by raising funds for Amnesty International:

Realise your freedom and help others gain theirs!
Be part of a group cycling through Latin America to raise money and
awareness for Amnesty International.
This is not a guided tour but an opportunity to be part of a team
highlighting the freedoms that we have, or may have lost. You must be
100% self-reliant and funded. Advice and help with equipment and
logistics is available.
You do not need to be an athlete but good fitness, adventure
experience, and riding skills are required.
Photography and writing skills would be a bonus as this would enable
us to make decent reports on our trek.

From Sucre the ride will carry on north through Bolivia and onto Peru,
Ecuador, Columbia, and Central America. With the possibility of
carrying on through North America back to Europe.
The suggested starting and/or finishing points are;
Sucre, Bolivia Feb 2012
La Paz, Bolivia Mar 2012
Lima, Peru
Quito, Ecuador
Bogota, Columbia
with more through 2012 to follow.

Join for a leg or the whole ride!

Contact me with questions or for more information, and check out the
blog for the story so far;

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Re: Riders Wanted: Cycling for Freedom

Postby polishbiker » Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:25 pm

Bit of a late notice :)

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