Cycling companions from Darwin to Beijing

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Cycling companions from Darwin to Beijing

Postby littleadukibeanweevil » Wed May 21, 2008 5:34 pm

Hello :)

I have just finished cycling round the bottom half of Oz and am soon going to set off up through Asia. I have never been to Asia before AT ALL so am not sure what to expect except heat, mozzies and hills.
My ideal plan would be to start with a treck up the volcano in Lombock and then head up through Indonesia to Malaysia on bike and boat, then up through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam/Laos, China and eventually...perhaps with the aid of a few trains along the way, end up in Beijing....I would also like to work in Hanoi for a bit teaching English and do some volunteer work along the way both for conservation and children related things.

I like to free camp, couchsurf and just see where I end up at the end of the day. Love birds (always take my binos with me) forests and the outdoors in general, also love snorkelling and would like to learn to dive as the reefs around Indonesia look spectacular!
At the moment my speedo says I have an average of 20, I used to be faster....but hit a bit of a weak spot recently due to a few weeks off cycling and not building up slowly again.
I prefer to cycle reasonably fast and spend more time in places that I stop rather than cycling slowly and spending all day on the bike.

Would anyone be interested in joining me? Or does anyone have any practical advice?

I am particularly looking for people to join me through indonesia which I have heared is a WONDERFUL place to cycle, but I am slightly nervous about the idea of cycling there as a lone woman.

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