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Postby rowdyflat » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:04 pm

Just came back from 2 weeks mtbike riding in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa to Lalibela./
Organized by an Italian guy about 16 of us + 8 cooks, drivers ,guides.
Very few guesthouses , so lots of camping. Super cheap.
Wild place , poor, dusty, lots of broken stuff, not the place for everyone to visit but makes you appreciate what you have.
Despite rumours in cycling travel blogs ,I saw no rock throwing ,the people were lovely,the food awesome, the weather 20 deg C not hot due to altitude ,sunny every day, the scenery is like the Kimberley in the dry season on steroids. mainly eucalyptus trees.
The roads are spectacular but the surface generally terrible hence requiring a mountain bike and widish tyres would recommend 100mm duallie.
big changes in altitude generally 1500 to 3700 metres so puffing like a steam train up hills.
Probably the longest descents I have done in one go ,1500 metres continually downhill over 20 kms.
will post photos when I get organized.

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