Custom e-Crusier

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Custom e-Crusier

Postby AussieJester » Tue May 04, 2010 7:59 pm

I recently finished fabricating a custom electric e-crusier bicycle.
I am a paraplegic so the use of an electric motor was for
forward motion and linear actuators to raise and lower
stabilising wheels essential. I have a full worklog on this build on several forums
those interest in seeing what went into making the bike can view the worklog

Here's how the bike turned out-->


I built the frame and battery enclosure myself, the forks are from The frame is powdercoated in cobalt blue
i sprayed the battery enclosure in Candy Apple Blue has 6 coats of clear gloss.

I also have a couple of videos of the bike when it was in 'mock up'
before i pulled it down for powder coat and chrome.

and a short clip of me towing my wheelchair behind the bike

Few technical details...

Motor is a RC motor as per used in model aircraft and helicopters
uses lithium polymer batteries in 44v 15ah configuration
Range is dependent on how fast you you go and the terrain, could get as much as
50km per charge or 15km if your wish to ride flat stick...

The Australian e-bike laws allow 200watt (currently under review)
my bikes motor is a lil over that, I ride the bike 99% of the time
on the footpath/cycle way towing my wheelchair, the bike rarely sees speeds about 30km/hr but is
well capable of lil bit more than that, can climb any hill and acceleration lets say is "brisk" :: wink ::

Thanks for looking


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Re: Custom e-Crusier

Postby boyracer » Tue May 04, 2010 10:01 pm

nice work Kim.
whats next?

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Re: Custom e-Crusier

Postby jaffaman » Tue May 04, 2010 10:13 pm

Very nice - thanks for sharing it.

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Re: Custom e-Crusier

Postby AussieJester » Wed May 05, 2010 12:08 pm

Thanks fellas... i am undecided as to the next project been thinking about a full tilting off road
reverse trike (electric powered) or a electric drag bike. I have already built a couple of Delta trikes-->

Last one


Lil boaring to ride hence i built the cruiser. Mate that build the reduction drives for the rc motors for e-bikes
has just finished a nice KMX altered electric i wouldn't mind doing similar but full custom frame and offroad capable.


You fellas might get a kick of the video Matt shot -->

Uses two rc motors Astro 3250s custom made by Astro for this project, 24hp peak between them.

Shall enjoy riding the crusier around for a few weeks, start saving some $$$ (im a disabled pensioner so
everything takes lil longer due to lack of dollars up front for building)

Shall keeps you updated anywayz...

Thanks again for the positive feedback :-)


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Re: Custom e-Crusier

Postby Leigh_caines » Wed May 05, 2010 2:45 pm

Nice build
Good work mate!!

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Re: Custom e-Crusier

Postby Wild Turkey » Tue May 11, 2010 6:20 pm

One word........ TEK !!!

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Re: Custom e-Crusier

Postby damhooligan » Tue May 11, 2010 7:23 pm

AussieJester wrote:
I built the frame and battery enclosure myself, the forks are from The frame is powdercoated in cobalt blue
i sprayed the battery enclosure in Candy Apple Blue has 6 coats of clear gloss.


Wauw, that is absolutely stunning.

But why 6 coats of clear?? , sounds a bit much to me..
And why didn't you paint the frame candy apple blue as well, that would look even better...
The dutch have one word to describe the aussie MHL, this word is ;

ol hillbilly
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Postby ol hillbilly » Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:38 pm

Hellow AUSSIEJESTER yes love ya work.I have a mate and we have been mates since high school John .He be came a paraplegic when he was 17 .We are both getting long in the tooth now both 47.But as you know there are may people in your position ,but you are soo much like John in he is a spray painter and has a never give up attitude .He,s painted many a cars and bike and at the moment he has a 1500 goldwing with a side car that he rides from the bike ,most ride from the side car .John has put a quick shift on it used for raceing but has adpapted it .It works by just pressing a button one for up shift one for downshift. Im not that great with a spanner and John has helped me many many times by throughing himself in there . And what you have done there shows me how tallented you are .As for me as Clint Eastwood one said a mans gota know his limatations so im not going to pull any more cars apart that i cant put back together.
Also the forks you brought from choppersusa have been looking at the for my schwinn cruiser but i think the smallest they do is a 30inch long and cruisers run a 25 inch me think. I have a (post) at the moment about running a 1" dia steerer when stock is 1 &1/8 steering tube .Id like to put springer forks on my bike but the only brand with a long enough steerer oly comes in 1 inch .I had plans to put a petrol engine in the cruise but been a bit put off by the change in the laws ect.
All the best kind regards Patrick Maiden

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