Lowrider for an Adult-(new member be gentle)

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Lowrider for an Adult-(new member be gentle)

Postby shinAUFC » Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:10 pm

Gday all:)

First of all great forum, ive taken a good amount of information from here already.

So as the story goes,I way to much of my time and money on moddifying cars, so it is well and truly in my blood. It looks like i will be working about 2k's from my home very soon so i have decided why not get a bike.

So me being me decided i want something i can customise and spend a bit of time on. :twisted:

I really want something in the lowrider/dragstar style but from what i cant tell they are not made for adult. I am 180cm's and do not want to look like im riding a golf ball lol.

http://saintside.bigcartel.com/product/ ... side-build
The link above is a custom micargi Hero, which is the exact "bobber" style id like to go for.

So i am very curious if there is anything available for an adult?

Or is it as simple as buying a repco cruiser and adding the desired handle bars , forks, find a low rider style seat and sissy bar and some good wheels?
I am also unsure if lowrider style forks are available for a bigger bike ?
http://www.bigw.com.au/sports-leisure/b ... speed-bike.

Thanks for your help in advance guys:D

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Re: Lowrider for an Adult-(new member be gentle)

Postby shinAUFC » Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:35 pm

i think i may have found answers to most of my questions already.

Finding info on this exact subject is a little hard online i have found .

Although im happy to hear any thoughts or tips all the same:)

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Re: Lowrider for an Adult-(new member be gentle)

Postby Crank » Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:37 pm

Gday to you.
Welcome to the forums

Yes we know what you mean in riding a golf ball see a lot of that in any forms of bike riding...
Well our opinion would be since you have been modifying cars you might be better also doing that to your bike at least you will have the bike you want the style and also the look you want and you as would know its more enjoyable and unique.

But if you just want to hit the street straight away well go for the already built bike or get two and ride one and custom up the other.... :) We have done both ways buying a chain store bike ripping of all the shite of back to frame then adding better parts back on sometimes even bringing the welder out.

We have seen and the larger lowrider springer forks for the 26" not much around when we were looking but they are there.
Keep us up to date on your build or what ever which way your going.

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Re: Lowrider for an Adult-(new member be gentle)

Postby damhooligan » Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:00 pm

Hi shinAUFC .

Welcome to the forum.

May i suggest this forum :http://www.retro-rollers.com
This one is specialized in lowriders, and a lot of the forum user have experience with building/modding.

regards, Johan
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Re: Lowrider for an Adult-(new member be gentle)

Postby hewey » Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:12 pm

My suggestion is if its something that you’re going to be commuting on everyday is to buy a second hand ‘brand name’ adult cruiser off ebay or gumtree or similar, and get a 26inch wheeled bike so its nice and comfortable to ride.

The Repco cruisers have a pretty good style, but they’re Repco quality – at the very least I’d be pulling it apart to regrease everything (I’ve heard lots of stories of these being thrown together with no lube in the cranks!) and tighten everything up because the 14yr old casual probably put the thing together.

I’ve found that you can get a quality brand name cruiser for as low as $150 if you keep an eye on ebay regularly and you don’t mind getting out of the city to pick a bike up. Basically any cruiser from Dyno, Felt, Electra, Nirve etc is going to be a good piece of gear. The single speeds with back pedal brakes are the cheapest, and you pay more for more fancy things like drum brakes, geared hubs etc. be careful of anything that’s lived outside near the beach, the chrome is likely to be quite rusty and possibly the frame too. I’ve paid $150 for a single speed Dyno in near mint condition through to $400 for a Felt ladies cruiser (for my girl) with a 3 speed hub and drum brake front hub, I’d say the average is more around the $200-$300 mark depending on the individual model and condition. Most bike shops can get plenty of cool parts like ape hanger bars and triple crown forks in if you want.

While I love the dragster/lowrider style bike, I find them too small to be comfortable for me to ride any reasonable distance. For laidback cruising they’re okay though. If you can, take one for a decent test ride to see how you go on it before laying down the cash for one. Having said this there are a bunch of guys who love their small wheel cruisers, they’re just not for me.

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Re: Lowrider for an Adult-(new member be gentle)

Postby Hodaddy » Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:06 am

Mate, if you are a big guy then you sound like a perfect candidate for something like the Dyno Roadster. I know you can't buy them in Oz but you should be able get one OS with out too much trouble these days, especially with the good Oz $ rate.
I found a pick of one, see below.
I saw one ridden in Adelaide a few years ago and it had ape hangers. Looked more impressive than in pics, they are a long bike.

But if your handy with a gas torch or welder, why not design and build your own. You will have plenty of shed time and when you finish it, the ride will be more satisfying than riding a bought one. Not to mention the conversations it creates.
Trust me"it aint rocket science!".

You should have a look at some of the bikes being built these days


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