unkown brand 16" rebuild (rebuild to sell)

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unkown brand 16" rebuild (rebuild to sell)

Postby huggiebear » Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:54 am

hey all, this is my 2nd restoration on these bikes. this one is being done to resell it to give me funds to start doing some other bikes i have.

unknown brand - just labeled as "sports" no ID numbers and it was previously resprayed in the yellow.

plans: resprayed in white with silver handlebars and crank pieces, chrome mug guards, new seat, unsure on wheels at this point.

started with this

i then stripped it down (had to soak the neck in WD40 overnight to loosen up the parts so i could get them undone

then started with the paint stripper (as you can see i started sanding by hand but paint stripper was much faster)

result from paint stripper

then i had to get in with sand paper and other paint removal tools that wouldnt damage the frame. the end result

its currently now sitting in primer and has dried over night and with todays sunny weather ill be able to lay some white paint down.

time spent on the bike so far : 5 hours
cost to date : $46 in new parts ordered $30 in paint sand paper and other bits needed.

once the frame is painted ill decide on what wheels im going to use. either the ones pictured or some chrome ones i have laying around
please let me know your thoughts

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