16" dragster seat size?

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16" dragster seat size?

Postby bychosis » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:48 pm

Is a 16" dragster seat the same size as a 20" model?

I've been very slowly putting together a couple of old 20" dragster bikes so I can ride the foreshore with my kids (assuming they'll do it). Also picked up a 16" model for the littlest once he's big enough, sort of won it on eBay without trying. Decent little frame, pretty good chrome on the parts. Only thing really not right is that it has a standard saddle, and not a banana seat. Looking to find a suitable seat and sissy bar and wondered that if the bike is smaller the seat should be scaled down too. There are plenty available, but I assume they are designed for 20" frames.

Google-fu failed me thus far.
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