A new challenge

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A new challenge

Postby cf73 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:58 pm

I have been riding now since April this year and I am looking at taking part in a new challenge. I have done the Sydney to Gong the last two years (last year was on an old mountain bike) but next year I would like to try something different.

I have three things in mind now;
1. Melbourne Bay in a day
2. 3 peaks challenge
3. Ride Melbourne to Wollongong.

I am interested in the preparation required for these events. With the 3 peaks challenge only being in March, have I left this too late? It looks like a fantastic event but I am not sure if I have the ability to cope with those hills yet. I do enjoy training on hills but the biggest one I use is from 0m to 250m above sea level and I can incorporate this into a 60km ride at the moment. Looking at the climbs on the 3 peaks it is a big effort.

I am sure that I have the time to put the hard yards in for the Bay in a Day and the Melbourne ride but again what kid of preparation is needed? I can only do one next year (might be able to combine Bay in a Day and Melbourne though). I have posted a thread before about the third option so apologies in advance if I am flogging a dead horse...

Any help would be appreciated, I just need to get my options sorted so I can focus on what is needed to take it on.

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