Citi to Goulburn is on tomorrow

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Citi to Goulburn is on tomorrow

Postby Kev365428 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:03 pm

The oldest road race in Australia is once again being run tomorrow.

The Citi to Goulburn is due to depart Goulburn at 0730 and expected time of arrival in Camden is around 11am or so.

Those of you in the Southwest of sydney should head down to Camden to watch the riders come home. Some of the best riders in the country are on show so a good finish is assured.

There are three KOM and two sprints during the race.

The first sprint is in the township of Bargo and the lead riders should get there before 10am.

Sprint 2 is in Tahmoor and is only 10km after sprint 1.

KOM 1 is at Bendooley hill just north of Berima.

KOM 2 is on Remembrance Driveway about 50 meters south of Hercules Rd.

KOM 3 is at the top of Old Razorback Road and is designed to sort the men from the boys.

Come along and support some top cyclist in action.

SBS will screen a highlights package in three weeks time.


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