Stolen Bikes - Heidelberg West (Melbourne)

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Stolen Bikes - Heidelberg West (Melbourne)

Postby inlina » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:09 pm

I am posting this on behalf of Rob Symmons from Park Orchards BMX Club. A number of bikes were stolen from his backyard shed yesterday while he was home. Please contact me through my email(inlina at inlina dot com) if you have any information regarding this.

Date: 22nd November 2008
Location: West Heidelberg (from Robs Shed)

Bikes that were taken....

DK Bicycles Xenia Single Speed Dirt Jump 26” wheels
Gun Metal Grey (Silver) Single Speed Dirt Jump or 4X bike.
Marzocchi Dirtman Pro Suspension Forks
Disk Brakes front and rear.
Serial Number U5YU34613
GEAX “composite” rear tyre (Road/Dirt)
Enduro knobby Front Tyre
51 Race Plate (Red)
Lots of deep scratches on forks and frame (from bike rack transport)

Percentage P7-1 Cruiser (24” wheels)
Pearl White Single Speed Racing BMX Cruiser (Red 51 race plate)
Serial Number PHS004
Bombshell Aluminium Forks
Maxxis Holy Roller Tyres
S&M Slam Bars
Lockon Grips (Race Face)
RedFactory Prototype Stikers on frame
51 Race Plate (Red)

DK Bicycles Octane Pro 20” Wheels
Black Racing BMX (White 5V plate)
Serial Number B163-4 60021 05560 W3201 95001
(I think all of this is stamped on bottom bracket – prob not all serial number)
Orange Answer Drive Forks
White Answer Drive Bars
Silver serfas grips
FMF brakes
Answer Cranks with Answer 43T Chainring
Mismatched wheels and tyres Siren knobby front, Specialized knobby rear. Front wheel
with DK Hub with Weinman 36 spoke DH16 rim. Rear Wheel, Sinz 28 spoke

GT Bicycles UltraBox2
Carbon Fibre Monocoque Racing BMX 20” wheels
Notable – Wheels FMF Hubs with Alex Supra-B 36H Chrome Plated rims
Tyres Intnese Micro Knobby (1.5”)
Answer Alumlite Forks
S&M Slam Bars
Blue Grips
SE 180 mm Cranks
Good Quality Avid Brakes with FMF brake lever
Serial Number unknown – may be able to get it from suppplier.

Specialized Hemi
Black and Red Racing BMX 20” bike
Specialized Spanky original tyres
Sun Rhino Lite Rims 36H (I think)
Specialized Hubs (I think)
Race Plate (white 6V I think)

Pictures: Please contact/PM me for a link

These are his and his son's bikes, and this is a kick in the guts for the guys with just a week to go to the state championships. Rob is the tireless track maintenance guru for Park Orchards and helps out at open races when he is not on his bike, so for this is an awful act against someone who works so hard for the club and the sport.

All these bikes are very customised, but most noteworthy is the GT UltraboxII which is a very rare bike.

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