Stolen: 2004 GT Zaskar Expert - Marrickvile, Sydney.

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Stolen: 2004 GT Zaskar Expert - Marrickvile, Sydney.

Postby LeighN » Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:38 am

My 2004 GT Zaskar Expert was stolen from the bike rack at the Victoria St entrance to Marrickville Metro shopping centre in Marrickville, Sydney. The theft occured between 5.40pm and 6.10pm on Saturday 29th of August. The bike was locked with a Kryptonite cable 4 digit code lock to the bike rack along with half a dozen other bikes, none of which where touched. The theft was reported to the Police, along with serial numbers and photos that evening and I've posted ads in the locl bike shops, pawn shops and a few pubs in the Inner West area around Marrickville, Enmore and Newtown.

Distinguishing features of the bike are, size 18 (L) frame, black Synchros "Lil Snapper" rims, Schwalbe 1.3" tyres, Cateye Strada wireless speedo, Planet Bike front and rear LED lights,
Shimano clipless pedals and a lizard skin frame stay guard. I have serial numbers and original reciept for the bike and it's all on the Police system now so fingers crossed.


If you have seen this bike or have any information regarding it's whereabouts, please contact Leigh on 0402 463 327.

Reward offered for it's safe return.

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