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STOLEN: 2006 Giant Reign 1, Kingswood NSW

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:13 pm
by ryant
Hi all,

This morning between 0730 and 1925 my mtb was stolen from a locked cage in a 'security' carpark in Kingwood.

I've lodged a police report, however I would like to put it out there in case anyone sees a bike like this going cheap.

It's an 18" 2006 Giant Reign 1 in dark brown / dark maroon, got a lizard skin and old tube on the swingarm and a (new) specialized sport computer on it (red). I have the serial and can provide it if anyone sees something sus.

Also stolen was a standard issue auscam Army pack, containing a dpcu uniform, army flying suit and a sleeping bag - both uniforms have the name 'THOMAS' above the right breast pocket.

They broke a chain and padlock to get into this cage (and took them with too).

I'd gladly pay a reward if anyone has any info leading to getting this back.

I'll be going round to all the local bike shops and 2nd hand dealers tomorrow.