Stolen - Blue Avanti Barracuda Mountain Bike - Neutral Bay

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Stolen - Blue Avanti Barracuda Mountain Bike - Neutral Bay

Postby Evetsllub » Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:34 pm

What a nice suprise to come home tonight to a much less cluttered garage...

Stolen is my mountain bike, a blue Avanti Barracuda, hopefully fairly recognisable due to the light blue frame, something that isnt real common.

Here's a picture of the same style, only real difference is mine had white grips (which are well worn and ready to be replaced). It had also just been serviced so the scumbag got a nice well running bike, and had just had a brand new chain put on it, and the Rear Gear cable is new. I have pulled the stickers off one of the wheels (i think the back but not positive) but the stickers are still on one of the wheels.


It also had:
a white bottle cage on the downtube.

These Shimano SPD pedals

This wedge saddlebag

This pump (in blue)

A black specialized computer which is attached to the stem (cant remember the model number of this).

And the green tree from this label stuck on the Seat Tube (although I'm sure this was the first thing removed).

Also stolen was a Purple & Silver Giant Elwood Ladies Hybrid Bike. I am less concerned with this and think my chances of getting it back are much slimmer as these things are a dime a dozen. The main distinguishing feature was the back wheel was recently replaced with a black wheel, and the front wheel is still silver.

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