Stolen Shogun Samurai late 90s model – Elwood, Melbourne VIC

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Stolen Shogun Samurai late 90s model – Elwood, Melbourne VIC

Postby deekrockingbeat » Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:09 pm

Shogun Samurai racing bicycle stolen, purchased in 1999, maroon colour frame, but it has a silver front fork. (front fork was replaced after an accident) Frame size is 58 I think. It was in really good condition, no rust at all as it was kept indoors

When and Where:

It was stolen at my friends place in Elwood inside their property. It was locked to a fence in the front garden. It was stolen in mid-late November 2010 I believe. The thief mustve been quiet as there are three adults and 2 kids living in the house. Or they might’ve stolen the bike overnight. Just abit more info, other bikes are kept in the front garden aswell (same place where my bike was stolen), and these bikes have been kept there for a considerable amount of time before my bike was parked there. I only lent my bike to my friend for no more than two weeks before it was stolen. I guess the thief was looking to steal a newish looking racing bike with no rust. The theft has been reported to the police.

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Re: Stolen Shogun Samurai late 90s model – Elwood, Melbourne

Postby Westgarth » Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:59 pm

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