found, electric powered bicycle, Parramatta park Sydney

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mark field
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found, electric powered bicycle, Parramatta park Sydney

Postby mark field » Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:37 pm

Today (13 Jan 2011) I went for a run in Parramatta park after i did my laps at the pool which is next to it, when i got to the wier section in the park a nicely dressed man was leaving a battery powered bike in the bushes at the side of the walkway, he had just dragged it out of the wier, it was covered in mud and grime and the spokes were very rusted, i couldnt make out the brand as it was filthy, it had gold/orangy coloured cranks and front disk brake,the bike itself was black, it had the battery still intact, going by the condition of the spokes id say it had been in the water for a while, i doubt that all internal components of the motor would be any good by now, its a shame because it looked like it was new, as i have a work mate who just bought one from a shop that specialises in these bikes, they are in Marickville and i will call in and tell them, i have refered the matter to Parramatta Police, they said they will look into it. sorry no pics as i dont carry my phone when im running.
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