Stolen. Pinarello FP2 - Perth

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Stolen. Pinarello FP2 - Perth

Postby missinglink » Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:31 pm

Stolen between Wednesday evening 26 th Jan and Sat Morning 29th Jan.

White Pinarello FP2 with red and black trim. MOST components, Campag front/rear derallier and Brooks B17 saddle.

If you can assist please call the police on 131 444.


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Re: Stolen. Pinarello FP2 - Perth

Postby just4tehhalibut » Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:43 pm

This is a longshot but...
Yesterday I caught some young Aboriginal kid on a BMX riding off from my parked bike with my pump and toolbag, got them back off him. Just an hour ago I was riding along Healy Rd in Hamilton Hill when I passed some kid walking along pushing a quality racing bike, no helmet, no road shoes and the bike was obviously too big for him to ride, looked like a 56cm seat tube. I wasn't looking at the details, a bit knackered after a long dy in the sun, only saw the white frame and as you say red and black trim, didn't note anything else. When I glanced he looked back, I kept riding but thought "hey, isn't that the same kid as yesterday", looked back and he was gone. I think that he took off. This was near the intersection with Carter St, halfway down that street there is some flats there that one of the tenants used to run a bike chop shop (there was another in Paget St, Hilton).

I don't know if this might be your bike still kicking around, or someone else's picked up from South Fremantle. If you know anyone in the area ask them to look about.

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