STOLEN: Malvern Star Oppy A2 - Adelaide SA

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STOLEN: Malvern Star Oppy A2 - Adelaide SA

Postby paolo_ski » Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:58 pm

Today as I slaved away on my uni assignment for 9 hours, some person decided they would cut my cable with bolt cutters and ride off. The bike is black and white, with yellow pedals for use with cleats. There is a small black speedo on the handlebars as well as 2 drink cages. There is a minipump on the right side, next to the drink cage. Really want this back seeing as it was my primary method of transport/exercise. Really devastated, would love to hear any information. It was sitting at the adelaide university from 9am and when I returned at 7pm, it was gone :(


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