Stolen: Blue Giant TCR compact - St Lucia QLD

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Stolen: Blue Giant TCR compact - St Lucia QLD

Postby iSamurai » Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:11 pm

Hi all,

I usually park my bike in an apartment's shared car park towards the UQ side of Sir Fred Schonell Dr. Because it's on a private property I just chained the frame instead of both wheels + frame. Terrible mistake. The gate to the car park has been broken for a few weeks and is left wide open. I think someone's been eyeing on my bike for a while now and finally decided to cut the cable, sometimes between Tuesday late evening (10/4) to Wednesday late morning (11/4).

- Giant TCR compact, rather old
- aluminium, blue in colour
- Ultegra groupset
- blue/black camouflage pattern handlebar grip tape
- shifter hoods wrapped in plastic (yeah I did that)
- front and rear lights (bloody hell I just installed them the other day)
- light blue seat
- look pedals
- no bottle holders
- still another cable attached, if they didn't bother cutting it


So yeah... I guess with everybody if your bike's stolen you're pretty upset. It probably doesn't cost much compared to a new bike with similar specs but I'm pretty frustrated because I use it literally everyday for commuting. But now I can't afford to get a new one... so it's back to the buses! The worst part is that the property owner decided to fix the gate that midday, after all this time. Anyway, I don't expect it to be found given how low recovery rates are, although it's a pretty rare bike amidst all the shiny new ones on the road. Thanks for reading!

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