Stolen Apollo Fiamme with 105 upgrades Spring St MEL

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Stolen Apollo Fiamme with 105 upgrades Spring St MEL

Postby wizzysy » Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:46 pm

So, listing my partners stolen bike on here on the very slim chance it is seen.

It started life as an Apollo Fiamme although I never noted the serial number down. Things you realise in hindsight.

I'd done a few bodge job improvements on it. The frame is still the same. Has had the forks replaced due to a collision with a car. They are just gloss black no names.
Now has/had Shimano 105 shifters with 105 long cage derailleur. 12-32 cassette to cover the city gears as I didn't bother connecting the front derailleur. The cranks were a triple, the shifters were a double and the derailleur was top pull.
Deda RHM01 handlebars and 60mm Deda Zero 1 stem.
Shimano R500 wheelset with stickers removed.

It was stolen from the bike racks just near the junction of Spring St and Flinders St on Wednesday. Locked in the morning and had disappeared when the mrs came down to ride off in the afternoon. Apparently all the CCTV around there points towards the building. She tried calling the police and they passed her through five different people and then put her on hold for 20 mins so we've given up on that.

Guessing the chances of ever seeing it again are slim to none, but you never know.

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