Stolen: Merida Electric Bike, Leichhardt, Sydney

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Stolen: Merida Electric Bike, Leichhardt, Sydney

Postby julians89 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:14 am

Hi all, first post and it's because my bike was taken, hopefully someone might see it around the Sydney region.


Merida Mountain bike, white front shocks, red frame, bright blue pedals and a large electric wheel motor on the rear. There is a big black Topeak rack on the back with battery mounting, however the thief did not get the battery. This bike is very distinctive so can't really be missed if it is out and about, but without the battery it's not much use as it's so heavy, so it may just disappear...

The bike was locked up to a wall in a yard off the street. Thief walked into rear land and cut through the lock and disappeared.
Here is an imgur link. Is a mod able to create the actual link for m as this is my fisrt post, Thanks a lot.

If anyone can help, I am on 0434997243

Many thanks

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