Stolen 2010 Colnago CLX2.0 white/blue (Bbox) Bowenhills QLD

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Stolen 2010 Colnago CLX2.0 white/blue (Bbox) Bowenhills QLD

Postby mitsu » Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:04 pm


I need your help please

I am looking for my stolen bike.

On the 19/12/2012 my house in Bowenhills has been broken in. From many of the items which have been stolen include my bike.

2010 Colnago CLX2.0 (size50)
(2010 special edition Bbox telecom Team colour)
Full Shimano Ultegra group set
Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheelset
serial number GCOGA041E

This bike is the 2010 Tour de France Bbox telecom team colour and is rare and unique, I’m sure not many of this bike in this colour around, so it’s easy to identify.
Also on the top-tube on the right hand side of the bike, where the Colnago logo is, there is a damage and paint is chipped off (about 2cm diameter )

If you see anybody with this bike or if you have a bike shop and if anybody turn up with this bike and try to sell this bike, please call the Police.

Maybe you can tell that person (thieves) first by saying something like

“we need to examine the bike’s condition to get the quotes / price, etc, so it’ll take about couple of hours so leave the bike here and come back later”

or something like that,,,,,,

and get the contact detail/ name etc of that person

and HOLD the bike at your shop and call the police.

if you have any information about this bike please contact the police

also please forward/share this information to your franchise shops or Facebook page or anything that you might think it's helpful please do so,

Thank you very much for your help

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Re: Stolen 2010 Colnago CLX2.0 white/blue (Bbox) Bowenhills

Postby winstonw » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:06 pm

Sorry to hear that Mitsu. I'd suggest you spread the word on RoadGrime as well (it's a forum). If you know anyone from Hamilton Wheelers and Balmoral CC's, let them know too. Size 50 is pretty small, so maybe some juniors in cycling clubs might be more interested. Redcliffe Triathlon Club has a lot of juniors, so maybe get in touch with them too.

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